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DIY - 3-in-1 Skincare Workshop (deo, detox mask & salt/sugar scrub)

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Objective of the workshop:

During this 2-hour in-person workshop, learn to make your own natural deodorant, detox hair & face mask and exfoliate scrub. Our recipes use only natural products, eliminating toxins like aluminum compounds or parabens. Learn about each of the ingredients, and the role they play within the formulas. Since we believe in having fun while learning, we offer this workshop as a Coffee Morning - Coffee & Croissant on us , at some cool cafes in Dubai :)

Yes4us 4-step approach:


  • Check your label: commercial skincare products are filled with chemicals such as aluminum compounds and parabens. Your armpits are where your lymph nodes, a crucial part of our immune system, are located. Some studies suggest that the absorption of chemicals found in industrial deodorants by our lymph nodes may be linked to breast cancer.
  • Our bodies, skins and hair types are unique, but our different needs are not taken into account with the “one size fits all” formula of mass-produced skincare products.
  • The zero waste movement has finally spread to Dubai, home-made cosmetics are a great first step to avoiding single-use packaging.
  • Many deodorants cover the smell of perspiration rather than eliminate it.


Make your own custom products, in refillable containers. Personalize each of them to your skin type, hair type and levels of perspiration for a recipe uniquely tailored to you.


  • Know exactly which ingredients are used and avoid toxins
  • Reduce waste


  • One container of deodorant to take home (roughly 3 months’ worth)
  • One container of detox hair & face mask
  • One container of exfoliate scrub
  • Customizable recipes: follow our guidelines to tweak all 3 formulas to suit the climate, your body-type, the season, and blend your own unique scent
  • Save money: making your own products is more cost-effective

Duration: 2 hours for workshop

Workshops will be held in groups of 3-10 persons between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. Weekend classes can be arranged for a group of 5 or more. We offer time flexibility for group bookings done at one go.

Location: Currently at a Cafe in the Greens. We can come to your place or office for a group workshop. Transportation cost on actual for distances more than 10 kms from the Greens. For more details for group bookings, contact us at

yes4us commitment for the planet and youth:

1% of our sales will be donated across select Eco Clubs in UAE Schools. On top of that, we will plant a tree with our Partner Tree Nation for each order over 150 AED. Let's paint the world green with your eco shopping