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Upclycled Plastic Quilting Workshop

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Objective of the workshop:

During this 2 hour in-person workshop, teens & adults will up-cycle discarded plastic packaging into modern artwork using traditional quilting patterns and embroidery techniques.

Yes4us 4-step approach:


There is a disconnect between plastic’s lifespan and the fact that it's considered disposable. Plastic bags can take over 450 years to disintegrate, and yet we treat them as single-use disposable waste – normally a material with a long lifespan is seen as an asset, why isn’t this the case with plastic?


The goal is to switch mindsets - viewing plastic’s lifespan as a resource we can’t afford to waste. While we will have material available to choose from, we encourage you to bring in your own packaging to up-cycle! Heavy plastic bags are easiest to work with, but packaging from grocery items like pasta, nuts and crisps can often be used as well - be on the lookout for fun, colorful packaging to intercept on its way to the bin.


  • Learn to be mindful of how we use our resources and what we send to landfills


  • Learn a traditional appliqué sewing technique and create a unique artwork out of your waste

Duration: 2 hours for workshop

Workshops will be held in groups of 5-10 between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. Weekend classes can be arranged for a group of 5 or more. We offer time flexibility for group bookings done at one go.

Locations: Hive Board-game Cafe at the Greens and Boon Coffee Roasters in Meadows Village. We can come to your place or office for a group workshop. Transportation cost on actual for distances more than 10 kms from the Greens. For group bookings, contact us at for more details.



yes4us commitment for the planet and youth:

1% of our sales will be donated across select Eco Clubs in UAE Schools. On top of that, we will plant a tree with our Partner Tree Nation for each order over 150 AED. Let's paint the world green with your eco shopping