About Us

Fresh air, pure water and a green neighborhood is a necessity to survive and live. But what have we done to make this livinghood? YOU are responsible for the quality of YOUR and YOUR children’s future. Let’s bring the nature out of books to real life. Join me in this venture to have a better planet to live on. Say a YES for YOU and say a yes4us (‘Youth Environment Sustainability for Us’).

yes4us is a one stop sustainable platform that aims to make people more responsible towards environment sustainability – through professional workshops on sustainable living (both for young and adults), a reward point system to ensure continuous motivation and an e-shop for a variety of eco-friendly shopping options. The platform is intended to transform awareness into impactful actions in daily life.

We work on the ‘AWARENESS-SOLUTION-IMPACT-REWARD’ approach, which includes:

  • Train minds to become aware of environmental issues.
  • Provide solutions to overcome such environmental issues.
  • Assess impact of your efforts on the environment.
  • Offer points based on the “Serve & Deserve” ideology.
  • Redeem these points from our e-shop across a variety of offers on workshops and eco-friendly products.